Craps Betting Patterns

August 25, 2018 - Craps game
Craps Betting Patterns

One strategy that novice players can benefit from is to create a betting pattern and to use it consistently. For example you may play two chips on a line bet and two chips on the 6 and 8 bet. After several rounds of craps determine your average winnings. If you are not making any money with this pattern try another. Repeat the process of trying a pattern and determining its average value until you find a betting pattern that works for you.

Another bad bet for you would be whatever to stickman is trying to coax you into playing. The stickman not only works for the house – she or he is the house – of course, they want to win your money, not give you some of theirs. Often you will hear calls for proposition bets or field bets. These both are bad bets for you to choose when playing at the Craps table.

In this stage of the game the dice is rolled until the shooter’s Point hits again or the result is a 7. When one of these things happen the game is over; winning bets are paid out and losing bets collected by the house and play continues with a new Come-Out Roll.

Majority of the casinos will require the craps dealer to get their winning bets together with the tip, and the dealer will not be allowed to let it ride as what is sometimes done by craps players. In cases where the player would prefer to have the original bet for the dealer to remain, such player declares this by saying “I control the bet.” Such bet should be acknowledged by someone from the crew with the accompanying declaration that such crap bet is for the dealer. Under this setup, any winnings for the dealers bet together with the original amount will continue to be in play up to the point that it is cleared as a result of a retraction following a win by the player or loss. On the other hand, a 2-way bet is part bet for the dealer and part bet for the craps player, and such type of craps bet is made with the use of phrase such as “2-way hard eight.” You have to remember that since the house has specific advantage for all craps bets, the dealers will then get a smaller tip that is linked with the place bets compared to the tip that will be received from direct craps bets.