Craps Table Etiquette

July 13, 2018 - Craps game
Craps Table Etiquette

The practice of tossing chips on the craps table is generally frowned upon in most casinos, and players are better off when placing their chips on the table. Wayward chips may end up rolling on the edge and well beyond the reach of the dealer. Tossed chips may also end up disturbing the chip stacks on the craps table. The center bet, which is incidentally handled by the stickman, can be made by passing the chips to the craps dealer nearest you, and these chips are relayed by the dealer to the stickman. In situations where a player intends to toss the chips, proper etiquette requires that the attention of the stickman or the dealer is called before the toss is made. Tossing fewer chips is the more proper thing to do. Thus, it would be more appropriate to toss a $25 chip instead of 5 pieces of $5 chips.

A player who has his or her turn to shoot may opt to offer the dice to the next craps player. Before doing this, you have to make sure that there is at least one player who is designated as the “shooter” who is making either a Pass Line bet or a Don’t Pass Line bet in order for the craps game to proceed.

The acceptable practice for tipping is by tossing the chips on the craps table and saying either “For the boys” or “for the dealer.”  Another common and acceptable practice in casinos is the placing of bet for the craps dealers. If the subject bet is the one that is being handled by the craps dealer or the stickman, which could be a prop bet or a place bet, such bet should be called as a dealer bet as the chips are placed on or tossed to the table. Thus, phrases such as “place the six for the dealer” or “hard eight for the dealer” are uttered.

This means that a bet is made on both the dealer and the player. Generally, the bet made on the dealer is smaller compared to the bet placed on the player, although the former is appreciated. The portion of the 2-way bet that is placed for the dealer is referred to as a “toke” craps bet. The term is derived from the $1 token or coins used in slot machines which are at times used when placing bets for the craps dealers.